Physical Therapy CPT Codes Automation

Physical therapy CPT Codes are something that you will be dealing with every day and all day long in the day to day course of your practice.  There are some important things you must do to ensure that your physical therapy CPT codes are processed in an accurate and orderly manner.  We will get into what those things are in this article.  So, without further ado, let’s begin.

What the CPT in physical therapy CPT codes stands for is Current Procedural Terminology.  These physical therapy CPT codes let everyone concerned know exactly what occurred during a patient’s visit to the office.  Further, they help to make sure that you bill the appropriate people accurately and get paid in return.  These physical therapy CPT codes are updated annually and it is of the utmost importance that your practice stays abreast of those changes.

On top of keeping up with the changes in physical therapy CPT codes there are other things you must also do.  Those are to make sure you have good software to process the codes, qualified personnel to enter the physical therapy CPT codes and someone on your staff to double check it all for accuracy.  This last part is critical.  The last thing you want to do is have your physical therapy CPT codes entered incorrectly.  This could lead to a whole slew of problems.

Errors are not good and are to be avoided at all costs in any kind of business, but it is even more so in the health care field.  Another thing to make note of.  It is said that therapists leave a lot of money on the table every year by not entering the exact physical therapy CPT codes for services rendered.  Often they perform something that in reality falls under physical therapy CPT codes that should be billed at a higher rate than the code that is actually entered.

This is where enlisting the help of someone well-versed in physical therapy CPT codes comes in handy.  There are skilled professionals that can come in and take a look at the current way you are processing physical therapy CPT codes and see if you are indeed being underpaid for procedures taking place in your physical therapy business.  It’s akin to hiring a tax professional to show you how to minimize taxes paid or maximize any returns you may have coming.

So it is probably a good idea that even if you have good software, qualified personnel and a system of double checking your physical therapy CPT codes to still bring in a hired gun to make sure you are being paid properly.

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