Physical Therapy CPT Codes Pointers

Physical therapy CPT codes are very critical part of your private practice.  Errors or improper entries when dealing with them can prove to be very costly and sometimes disastrous.  Just the very nature of the health care industry calls for pinpoint precision and accuracy in everything we do.  That is why there is so much emphasis on proper utilization of physical therapy CPT codes.  Some simple checks and balances should ensure that you have no problem though.

Implementation of your physical therapy CPT codes will ensure that the insurance companies are billed properly and that your business gets paid.  It also allows your physical therapy patients to understand exactly what kind of treatment they received at your practice, along with any diagnoses and prognoses as well.  Physical therapy CPT Codes are assigned certain numbers, with those pertaining to physical therapy mainly being it the 97000 range.

You must always be up to date with your physical therapy CPT codes also.  They are revised annually.  There are other important issues regarding your physical therapy CPT codes and we will discuss some of them. As mentioned above, due to the very serious nature of the health care industry, it is important that you have all data entry and processing of your physical therapy CPT codes double-checked by someone on your staff.

It does not matter what position this person is given, but the bottom line is that everything pertaining to your handling of physical therapy CPT codes be re-checked for accuracy.  Improper input or processing could cause you to not get paid, and worse – could result in an incorrect diagnosis or prognosis of a patient.  These kinds of mistakes with physical therapy CPT codes could prove catastrophic; in a medical and financial sense.

Another important point regarding physical therapy CPT codes — always make sure you have no less than two employees in your practice who are well-versed in physical therapy CPT codes.  In fact, the more the better.  You never want to have all the know-how resting on just one person.  In the event the employee cannot be at work, finds another job or whatever, then you are stuck having to scramble around for a replacement.  Make sure you avoid this from the get-go.

If you follow the above guidelines concerning physical therapy CPT codes you should be just fine.  But the one point that bears repeating is this: make sure that every single thing in regards to you physical therapy CPT codes is double-checked for accuracy.

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