Physical Therapy CPT Codes Proper Application

The appropriate physical therapy cpt codes can ensure that a hard working staff can get paid for their contributions to a physical therapy practice. There are situations that may occur which prevent a timely payment for services. Even the most experienced physical therapy professionals can succumb to these negative situations, but delays can be prevented or at least reduced with the proper application of physical therapy cpt codes.

For best results, someone should be specifically designated to handle the physical therapy cpt codes. This person should know when errors occur and should know how to prevent them if at all possible.

The billing administrator should know how to enter the codes correctly and make sure the right physical therapy cpt codes are used. The notes given by a therapist on the job may be the source of the problem and it is the job of the billing administrator to check to make sure every piece documented is correct before entering in the physical therapy cpt codes. Checking and double checking the codes is vital to ensure problems do not occur. An open line of communication between the administrator and the physical therapists is vital in these kinds of situations and no tone of voice should ever be a negatively critical one of mistakes.

When physical therapy cpt codes are entered correctly the first time, Medicaid, Medicare and insurance companies have no recourse, but to pay the claimant amount. A physical therapist might not know these codes if they do not take the proper courses in school to learn them. Errors can arise if the physical therapist enters the physical therapy cpt codes themselves without proper instruction. Enlisting the help of a billing administrator can limit the amount of errors that occur. With fewer errors more patients will exalt a practice for prompt business and refer their loved ones instead of turn people away.

Avoiding errors in physical therapy cpt codes is a vital part of a properly run practice. If an administrator cannot be afforded, it may be beneficial to enlist billing software to cover the coding or a company dedicated to the specific codes. Physical therapy cpt codes change often so computer software or a billing company are sometimes the only ways to stay on top of the changes. A physical therapist trying to do the codes themselves may lose themselves in the billing and not be able to properly care for their clients.

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