Physical Therapy CPT Codes Proper Handling

The use of physical therapy CPT codes in your practice is very important.  The initials stand for Current Procedural Terminology.  These physical therapy CPT codes are what you will send to your patient’s health insurance company in order for you to get paid.  Likewise, it is also beneficial to physical therapy patients.  They can access these physical therapy CPT codes to find out exactly what services and procedures were rendered to them in your place of business.

For the most part the section pertaining to physical therapy CPT codes is found in the 97000 range.  These physical therapy CPT codes cover all types of evaluations, hot and cold therapy and pretty much anything and everything pertaining to physical therapy.  As mentioned above, most of the physical therapy CPT codes will be in the 97000 range.  But there are some others, including one in the 64000 range that pertains to neurostimulation.

The main thing when dealing with these physical therapy CPT codes quite obviously is to make sure they are entered correctly and you have good software with which to do so.  That represents two of the three prongs necessary for proper utilization of physical therapy CPT codes.  The third being oversight.  In other words, although you may have skilled personnel and excellent software for entry of physical therapy CPT codes, everything must be double checked.

This being the health care industry, errors and mistakes can have devastating consequences.  Both physically and financially.  The way you take care of this is to have all entries of physical therapy CPT codes checked for accuracy.  It is probably a good idea to have one particular member of your staff who will be assigned this task.  This way you will pretty much be able to rest assured that all of your physical therapy CPT codes are being inputted correctly.

In addition to having a good software program for your physical therapy CPT codes, it is always a good idea to have all of your files backed up at an offsite location as well.  One never knows when a natural disaster or other catastrophe may strike.  And you definitely don’t want to be caught with your guard down.  Make sure every other type of records, not just your physical therapy CPT code entries are backed up in this manner.

That is pretty much all you need to know regarding physical therapy CPT codes.  Good software, skilled personnel and a system of error-checking should make the handling of your physical therapy CPT codes a snap.

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