Physical Therapy CPT Codes Update

Physical therapy CPT codes are designed to make sure there are no errors when different practices would interact with the same insurance companies. Insurance companies use physical therapy CPT codes when it comes time for reimbursement for services performed by a practice. Many larger developments of physical therapy will have a receptionist or data entry professional trained to take care of the codes, but a private practice might not have this luxury. Therefore a private practice has to stay in the know. If a private practice uses the wrong physical therapy CPT codes when they file claims with an insurance company thousands of dollars can potentially be lost.

Having the most updated physical therapy CPT codes will ensure a practice does not falter when it comes to filing claims. There are numerous pieces of software that can be used to keep track of the codes. While the initial cost of these pieces of software (and their updates) might be pretty high, the costs are nothing compared to the money lost with improper physical therapy CPT codes. Buying this software can save a lot when it comes time to file claims with insurance companies. This is also much cheaper than paying a database professional their yearly wages.

However, while it is cheaper to buy the software and have the practice physicians take care of their own data entry, there is still a higher margin for error when using the software. Entry of physical therapy CPT codes is not something which is second nature to everyone. A data entry professional is more likely to “have a mind for numbers” and the knowledge and memorization of the physical therapy CPT codes even as they change every year. Data entry professionals also are trained to make their business the business of high accuracy. They understand the necessity of proper code entry and will ensure a proper claim filed.

If a practice is successful enough, it may even pay off to have both the physical therapy coding software as well as the data entry professional employed. Physical therapy CPT codes are nothing to be trifled with. Having physical therapy CPT codes entered by a data entry professional into the coding software is the best way to ensure top accuracy and quick claims filed. The faster claims are filed the faster a private practice can reap the benefits of money reimbursed for services. With each quick return the reputation of the practice raises and more people will come to seek service.

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